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Bathing Huts Scarborough A wintry day at Scarborough Beach just along from Scarborough Spa scene of the UK’s first Art Party Conference.

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051013October is here but still it doesn’t feel like autumn.

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Iris Too

Iris in Regent's Park London
Summer (just) Iris

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Iiris in the sunlight
The wonderful Iris in its brief splendour.

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Pisco Sour

Soho Food FeastA Latin American favourite Pisco Sour. A tray full! at the Soho Food Feast in London in June. Favourite dishes were the Ceviche from Ceviche Peruvian Kitchen in Frith Street and the perfect Pulpo from Barrafina the Spanish Tapas bar also in Frith Street.

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Countryside near the village of Vilademuls in northern Spain

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Spring Sprung

Yellow tulip

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Almost Spring

Ducks on a pond in Regent's Park London

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Winter’s Day

Snow covered rubbish in a back garden in East London, England

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Fan Dancers at Canary Wharf

Fan dancers with led lights at London Ice Sculpting Festival 2013 Canary Wharf

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