After André Kertész

Fork in the style of André KertészChallenged by my photography group to recreate an iconic image, here is Fork after André Kertész.

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  1. Chris Parkin says:


    Kertesz is my No 1 master photographer. And he took pictures nearly everyday, too, often of the simple things of everyday life….

    His composition, his ability – as you have also shown – to capture for us: beautiful semi-abstract shapes around us at home; the dark figures against the snow from his Washington Square apartment window; his shots of archetypical but not hackneyed aspects of Paris, and so on…

    Thank you..


    I am now, camera at the ready, looking around my home…wow..and out of the window…

  2. Pants says:

    Hi Geoff
    I love this picture. I went and looked at the source image – I didn’t know it. It seems to me that you’ve made a simple, but important adjustment to the composition that re-imagines the shadow drawn by the fork as something that those of us who’ve been brought up on film cartoons would immediately recognise as having infinitely scary possibilities.

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