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Still Life Afternoon

Afternoon sunshine in the kitchen.

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Still Fruit Life

A very wet day in old London town and not good for getting around on crutches so here’s an indoor shot for a change.

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Fashion Street Meets Brick Lane

Brick Lane. London Fashion Week. East End meets West End. Similarities and Differences.

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Aerial Brightness

A burst of sunlight through grey clouds over the roofs of Camden Town

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Sunday Shopping

Having exhausted the view from the front and rear windows, I have now turned my attention to the contents of the flat. I have no interest in photographing everything I own as some people have done, but I might consider … Continue reading

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Rear Window

Someone left the chair out in the snow. Yes not much is happening in my neighbour’s garden today. Just as I manage to get more mobile the snow falls and confines me once more to the couch with the only … Continue reading

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Front Window

Driven to distraction by my current incapacity brought on by a broken metatarsal, I thought I would capture the UFO landing on the roof of my building as seen in the reflection of a neighbour’s window through the blinds of … Continue reading

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Year of the Dragon

Chinese New Year begins to tomorrow so I took a wander through Gerrard Street in London’s Chinatown this afternoon. The main celebrations in London will be next Sunday, 29th January in Chinatown and Trafalgar Square.

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Ice art from the 2012 London Ice Sculpting Festival in Canary Land London. This year’s show drew mega crowds but didn’t quite cut it. What happened to the team events from last year that gave us the magnificent ice people … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

In front of University College Hospital at Euston in London on a mid-winter’s day, 2012. Buses resting on a stand before they set off to fleece the citizens of London with the annual “fare rise” ripoff. A single journey (just … Continue reading

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