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Suddenly Next Summer

Spring was gently doing its bit for the flora and fauna when suddenly summer popped its head around the door. The combination was an electric week of sunshine and freshness in London that showed off the new growth in a … Continue reading

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Springs Into Life

If I had to answer the question “when were you happiest?”, the answer would be “every year about this time”. Spring has that effect on me and I can’t let the week go by without a spring picture. There were … Continue reading

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St Pat Hat

Although it is not St Patrick’s Day yet, it’s Sunday and a good excuse for a party in Trafalgar Square. I spotted this leprechaun joining in the festivities.

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Church of Clown

I’ve been to church twice recently and while both events were very different in location and style, they were similar in their blend of prayers and performance. In December I attended a Christmas Carol Service by the Friends of Columbia … Continue reading

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Can’t See the Piano for the Trees

St Giles High Street and the new Renzo Piano construction “with winter gardens on every floor and over 17,000 sq ft of roof terraces. More than just an office building it’s a workplace (sic). Connecting people to the outdoors” … … Continue reading

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Midwinter Fire

Some winter colour as provided by the vibrant Midwinter Fire or Cornus and willow by the lake in St. James’s Park on a cold January day.

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Camden Market Ties

Today I took a walk through a relatively quiet Camden Market. My friend Nicole suggested it. It wasn’t like a normal Sunday. The tie stall wasn’t open, for one. It was a quiet Sunday. But it was a pleasure to … Continue reading

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Autumn Leaves

Pond Life. Floating leaves, St James’s Park, London. While I wasn’t too successful in capturing the leaves turning on the trees, I have been amazed by the beautiful colours of the freshly fallen leaves in the parks of London.

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